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We are a Strategic Management Advisory & Accounting Firm for Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs of Fast Growing Companies Ready to Scale or Sell.


it's time you 'rebel'

You are Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Executives in a fast growing business or organization and need a solid infrastructure or expanded vision.  You need more than an accountant, you need a strategic partner to show you how to properly scale and grow. 


We are a boutique accounting and advisory firm (CAAS) that specializes in strategic management accounting and advisory as a  framework and approach to help you, our client-partner, not just focus on your business but understand your business, so that you ultimately build the sustainable enterprise you’ve dreamed of owning.

You are a high 6-figure and 7-figure+ growing enterprise. You have figured out the sweet spot on your products and services but quite honestly, you're at a cross-roads: how to manage your growth, hire effectively, keep your profits from running away from you and free up your time and energy.

We find solutions to challenges in managing your growing business so that your dream business can do what you designed it to do; create wealth for you and economic opportunities for others.

In other words, yes, we can manage your accounting,

tax-planning and build your back-office, but we don’t just “do your books”, we teach you how to 'rebel', how to look at your role as CEO differently so you build a scalable business . We help you scale effectively and build a business that is sellable (if that is what you desire).


We are built differently. We are Strategic Management Advisors and Strategic Management Accountants who take a holistic approach to financial management with over 23 years of strategy, accounting, and management experience derived from Fortune 500 corporations, global organizations to small businesses. We’re smart, unorthodox, and masters of our trade. 


entrepreneur overwhelm is real: Is it time to scale, sell or rebel?

1 in 5 businesses fail within 5 years  because of lack of a solid relationship with their numbers and how to effectively scale a growing business. You're successful on the outside, but you're secretly overwhelmed; your business is running you. It doesn't need to be that way. It's time to look at your business differently. The right accountant advisor can do more than taxes and your books, they can help you predict future financial success of your business, grow your profit, hire correctly, and yes, sleep better. 

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